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Snowglobes you can enter.

Have you ever heard of snowglobes, a popular type of souvenir overseas?
They are palm-sized globes that contain fantastical, snow-filled scenes.
The Bubble Dome is a highly-impressive, new attraction made like a gigantic snowglobe so big that people can actually go inside!!

Just like palm-sized snowglobes, the Bubble Dome is capable of creating fantastical snow scenes by air-blowing flurries of special snowflakes.

The giant dome has unlimited number of other uses as well, including as a stage, as a display and more!


In recent years, cheap versions have begun to appear in Japan as well, but our Bubble Domes are authentic, original products officially imported from the British company JBL Leisure.
The product has passed a variety of British inspections and clearly distinguishes itself from those of other companies in terms of quality, including production process, durability and flame-resistance and more.
It has been used by a broad spectrum of customers ever since it was first introduced in Japan in 2010.

JBL Leisure has acquired patents on:
・The double structure composed of a stage and anterior room centered on a backdrop to enable people to enter.
・The structure including a support pillar preventing the dome from collapsing when people enter and exit.

Size Variations


Not only is Buddle Dome impressive for being a giant snowglobe that people can enter, it also features exchangeable backdrops and stage curtains that can be custom made.
The possibilities are limitless, including imprinting company and facility logos, seasonal designs and more.
It is naturally also possible to use the product with our existing curtain designs.